What The Fudge?

We created Fudge That! with our customers’ satisfaction in mind. We want to offer our customers a fun, sexy, playful experience that they can share with friends, family, coworkers and sweethearts alike. It’s all about having fun with fudge: the enjoyment of choosing the right fudge, sending a personal note (we leave the naughty or nice up to you) and, when you get fudged, indulging in the chocolatey goodness and irresistible flavor combinations.

Does size (really) matter?
At Fudge That! we believe flavor matters more. A delicious lingering taste with a layer of chocolatey fudge that’s made to savor, combined with textures and flavors that leave your mouth undeniably satisfied. There’s so much chewy, chunky decadence that the only way most people can handle a fudge this good is to serve it up in inches. Indulgence included in every single square inch.

Why the name?
Because sometimes you gotta just say, “Fudge That!” and allow yourself to escape from the everyday with a piece of chocolatey mmmm… And because everyone needs a good fudge, we’ve made it fun to fudge a friend or treat someone to an inch-per-inch flavor-packed Morning Fudge, Fudge Me Tender, Cluster Fudge or a just because What The Fudge? to Get Fudged Up!


At Fudge That! we only promote our brand and products to adults ages 18 and over. This is the age at which we believe that consumers are mature enough to understand the playful nature of the Fudge That! brand and can make informed choices about sensible snack consumption. It is not our intent to offend any person and all items are at purchaser’s discretion.